It Took 25 Hours of Continuous Concrete Pouring To Build This Aquarium

When the Miami's Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science opens in 2016, it's going to have an absolutely bonkers aquarium—imagine a giant camera lens, tilted on its side, that lets visitors walk below the tank and look up into it. Building it, as you might expect, entailed a feat of perfectly-timed engineering. »12/24/14 9:40am12/24/14 9:40am


Bathroom Sink Aquarium May Not Be the Best Place to Show Off Your Fish

Why put your very expensive aquarium out in the living room where everyone can see it? That's just silly. What you should do is stick it in the backroom so you can admire it while you're sitting on the toilet or brushing your teeth. That makes much more sense! Especially for $4,700, which is how much this ridiculous… »10/01/08 5:20pm10/01/08 5:20pm

LED Earth Globe Aquarium Addresses Poorly Represented Fish Bowl Rave Demographic

As if fish had it bad enough. They're trapped in a tiny bowl, dependent on you to toss them a handful of dried shrimp from time to time, and now with this glass LED-illuminated globe bowl they're going to be forced into an underwater rave every time the lights go off. Still, this little $50 half gallon bowl is pretty… »8/03/08 12:00pm8/03/08 12:00pm

Aquadom Is Largest Cylindrical Aquarium on the Planet

Click to viewWhat do you do with a 25-meter-high acrylic glass cylinder, 238,000 gallons of sea water, 2,600 fish from 56 different species, and two divers? The Aquadom, the largest cylindrical aquarium in the world, that's what. In its core there's an elevator that travels through a cylinder of glass. As you will see… »2/19/08 12:10pm2/19/08 12:10pm

Fish Bridge Connects Two Aquariums; if Only Fish Were Smart Enough to Use it

This sweet fish-tank setup features a gigantic water bridge that connects two tanks, allowing the fishy inhabitants to travel between the two habitats at their leisure. It was housed in the former Evanston, IL, coffee shop the Liquid Potion Lounge, and it was amazing. Sure, it's highly unlikely that the fish even… »1/18/08 11:22am1/18/08 11:22am

Wall Mounted Aquarium is the Next Best Thing to a TV

Aqua Photo, a Korean based company, did the most logical thing to an aquarium, they mounted it on the wall and made it look like a TV. With specs that sound more like a TV rather than a fish tank, this aquarium has a 1460 x 640 cm measurement, 100 watt back light, and a 35 fish capacity. At $2132, the Aqua Photo Wall… »9/07/07 10:04pm9/07/07 10:04pm