Area-51 750i: Alienware Starting at $1050

Just a few years ago, most of us would have laughed at the prospect of a $1,000 Alienware system. But such is the reality now that the company is owned by Dell. Their newly announced Area-51 750i starts at a palatable $1,049 and features a 3GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of RAM, GeForce 9800 GT video card, 250GB hard… » 11/13/08 4:10pm 11/13/08 4:10pm

Area 51 Sex Doll Has Three Boobs, Comes With Free Alien Lube (NSWF)

Today, after years of secrecy, autopsies, and extraterrestrial bodily fluids and Tijuana tequila cocktails, humanity jumps once again into the deepest pits of indecent horror, pits which we thought we wouldn't revisit again after the talking clown urinal, the sickening Jesuswitch and the twisted Spongebob Squarepants… » 3/17/08 1:00pm 3/17/08 1:00pm

Alienware Area-51 m15x Gaming Laptop Officially Released From Its…

While we're supposed to be mesmerized by the Alienware m15x's impressive-for-a-15-incher specs—Intel Core 2 Extreme, NVIDIA Geforce 8800M GTX and hot-swappable dual hard drives—we're kind of more tranced out by its over-the-top LED glow. It's available today, months after first being teased—a bit more hype than… » 1/15/08 9:10am 1/15/08 9:10am

NVIDIA's Three-Way SLI Graphics Cards Cost More Than Actual Three-Ways

If tying two video cards together in an SLI configuration doesn't quite get you the frames-per-second you need, NVIDIA's just intrduced three-way SLI, which does exactly what it sounds like. Now you can use their nForce 680i SLI motherboard to tie together tres GeForce 8800 GTX or 8800 Ultras to give a 2.8X boost over… » 12/13/07 2:10pm 12/13/07 2:10pm

Alienware Confirms Upcoming Area-51 m15x and m17x Laptops

Crave just uncovered the meaning of the weird Alienware emails we've been getting, obliquely worded invitations to a November 19 product unveiling. Well, the product, or products, are two new laptops, the Area-51 m15x and m17x. The 15" and 17" systems are ground-up redesigns featuring crazy angles, Martian runes (as… » 11/16/07 9:38am 11/16/07 9:38am

Alienware Area-51 7500 Reviewed Fast but Only Half Watercooled

Long before the days of the modern gaming PC, a guy named Plato argued that necessity was the mother of invention. Eons later, Dell's new stepchild Alienware is attempting to reverse that maxim: You never knew you needed this much gaming power. That thinking appears to be the driving force behind the latest vision of… » 10/27/06 5:11pm 10/27/06 5:11pm