Why Don't All Metro Buses Transform into Intergalactic Robo-Fighters?

I don't know what Bondibots are (I don't speak French), I don't know what they're supposed to be doing when not fighting their way across the galaxy, playing soccer, or jamming on gigantic guitars—driving old people around maybe?—and I really don't know what the hell is going on in this video. All I do know is that… »5/21/14 12:00am5/21/14 12:00am

Guy Tries to Buy Toy Poodles, Gets Fluffy, Steroid-Pumped Giant Ferrets Instead

Man's best friend doesn't come cheap these days, so you can imagine how excited a retired Argentinian man was to find double the companionship at a fraction of the cost: two adorable toy poodles—just itching to snuggle, crawl, and slobber all over you—for a mere $150. And by toy poodles, of course, we're referring to… »4/08/13 2:40pm4/08/13 2:40pm

Surgeons Finish Operation Using Just Cellphone-Screen Lighting

Surgeons in Argentina were able to complete an operation using the light from cellphone screens after a city-wide blackout. The hospital's generator failed to kick in and they continued to work in darkness until someone stepped into the room—not the Spanish Inquisition but, nevertheless, someone completely unexpected. »7/31/07 8:40am7/31/07 8:40am