Someone Incorrectly Labeled This Rocket Ship Bed As a Kids' Item

We all make mistakes, and we can only assume that Etsy-seller FableBedworks was in a rush when they posted this phenomenal transforming rocket ship murphy bed on their online store. Why else would they mistakenly refer to it as a "childrens bed" when there are certainly more than enough adults who would love a… »3/17/15 3:23pm3/17/15 3:23pm

A First Look at the Beautiful New Furniture IKEA's Bringing To the U.S.

I'll admit it: I love what IKEA's been up to lately. They're making high-tech however affordable desks. They're reissuing simple but sophisticated midcentury modern designs. And now, they're bringing a whole slew of drop dead gorgeous furniture to the United States, much of which is made of solid wood. I love it. »1/08/15 11:18am1/08/15 11:18am

A Kid-Sized Wi-Fi Smart Bed Lets Parents Know When They're Not Asleep

At last year's CES, bed technology took a quantum leap forward with the Sleep Number IQ that guaranteed a good night's sleep by tracking your sleep patterns and automatically adjusting the bed to make it more comfortable when you tossed and turned. This year the company will be releasing a smaller version that… »1/06/15 12:00pm1/06/15 12:00pm

Duvets and Sheets that Snap Together Mean Your Bed Stays Made Forever

Remember how putting an 'i' in front of everything was en vogue after the iPod became popular? That trend continues today with the term 'smart'. We've got smartphones, smartcars, smartwatches, and now even Smart Bedding, which uses a clever trick to ensure your sheets don't end up in a twisted knot by morning. »7/02/14 5:00pm7/02/14 5:00pm

This Bunk Bed Sofa Out-Transforms Even Optimus Prime

Life in the big city usually means life in a small apartment. It's fine while you're by yourself, but it gets complicated when it comes to giving visitors a place to stay. So if you find yourself lacking a guest suite, this transforming sofa bed called the Palazzo provides a double-decker spot for a couple of people… »5/26/14 6:30pm5/26/14 6:30pm

Layers of Inflatable Balls Might Just Make This the Greatest Bed Ever

Forget those individually-wrapped coil spring beds that can shrug off bouncing bowling balls, the Balluga—a mattress made of layer upon layer of computer-controlled inflatable spheres—could be the most comfortable place you've ever rested your head. And with a laundry list of other lavish features, you may never have… »4/18/14 4:00pm4/18/14 4:00pm

A Remote Control Sofabed For Your Laziest Houseguests

Like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, sofabeds put two wonderful things into one even awesomer package. People like sitting, and people like sleeping—it's the perfect combo. So how could a sofabed possibly ever be improved? With an electric mechanism that automatically unfolds and retracts the mattress, with the cushions… »3/07/14 3:20pm3/07/14 3:20pm

Sleep Number's IQ Bed Can Silence a Snoring Bedmate

Devices that collect all kinds of fitness and health metrics populated the halls of CES this year, but Sleep Number revealed one of the more intriguing options with its new x12 bed featuring the company's SleepIQ technology. In addition to providing as comfy a night's sleep as possible through a series of inflatable… »1/08/14 8:10pm1/08/14 8:10pm

Screw Your Murphy Bed, This One Flips Over Into a Desk

Would you ever walk into a stranger's home and ask to buy the necklace draped on their side table? Or offer to give them cash for some of their cutlery? No? Well, meet Mira Schröder. She lives in an apartment that functions as a part-time showroom, where everything—including the amazing flippable bed above—is … »1/08/14 7:00pm1/08/14 7:00pm

Elevator Beds Keep Your Disheveled Sheets Out of View

Using a cleverly engineered counterweight mechanism, these wonderful beds from Italian furniture maker Espace Loggia can be raised to the roof when you're not sleeping. The design is supposed to free up space in a room during the day so you can squeeze a desk in there or other temporary furniture, but the real reason… »11/01/13 11:23am11/01/13 11:23am

A Multi-Purpose Living Cube That Fits Life Into 100 Square Feet

Swiss designer Till Könneker recently came up with a fantastic way to maximize the space in his studio apartment, which lacked room for storage. He created a loft bed called the Living Cube that incorporates everything from an entertainment center, to a clothes rack, to even a walk-in closet for stashing things he… »8/23/13 9:43am8/23/13 9:43am