A Simple Adapter Turns Your Binoculars Into a Smartphone Zoom Lens

Camera-equipped smartphones aren't quite the perfect replacement for a digital camera just yet. They lack manual controls, use tiny sensors, and their simple lenses lack the ability to zoom. (And no, digital zoom doesn't count.) But if you've already got yourself a powerful set of binoculars, this simple adapter will… » 7/02/13 1:19pm 7/02/13 1:19pm

Superhero Tourists Will Love Sony's Awesome Combination Binoculars and…

You're looking at the Sony DEV-50V, an overhauled version of the pricey multi-gadget Sony announced at IFA a few years ago. Meet the new and improved Swiss Army goggles. They're part 25x zoom digital binoculars, part sophisticated 3D camcorder, and all kinds of crazy expensive. » 4/24/13 12:00am 4/24/13 12:00am

These Stabilized Binoculars Compensate for 98 Percent of Your Shakes…

Adapting its military-grade gear for the consumer market, Fraser-Volpe's STEDI-EYE Mariner binoculars promise to remove up to 98 percent of unwanted motion from shaky hands, or vibrations from a moving vehicle. It's weatherproof and packs night vision too, making it an uber-expensive accessory for serious bird… » 10/02/12 12:40pm 10/02/12 12:40pm

Authentic WWII Flak Binoculars Will Keep You One Step Ahead Of Air Raids

Just because World War II ended some 67 years ago, doesn't mean you shouldn't keep one eye on the sky for air raids with a pair of authentic German flak binoculars. You can just never be too sure. » 3/08/12 11:20am 3/08/12 11:20am

Sony's 3D Binoculars Cost Too Much For the Average Bird-Watcher and…

Well, maybe crims can afford to whack $1,400 - $2,000 down on a pair of digital binoculars, if they know the pay-offs going to be good. The Dev-3 and Dev-5 models shoot 7.1MP photos and 3D video. » 8/19/11 4:00am 8/19/11 4:00am

The Last Pair of Binoculars You'll Ever Buy

Binoculars are rad. You can look into a lion's gullet without getting your face torn off. Problem is, the places and situations in which you wanna use them are where you're most likely to break them. These fix that. » 8/02/11 10:45am 8/02/11 10:45am

Digital Camera Binoculars From Thanko Are Perfect For "Ornithologists"

I think we've just stumbled across the answer to that age-old question, "what to buy the man who has everything." Thanko's digital camera binoculars! » 6/18/10 5:32am 6/18/10 5:32am

LightSpeed Binoculars Transmit Secure Video and Audio Via Infrared

Designed primarily for military use, these LightSpeed binoculars are capable of transmitting "untappable" voice and video signals to another set of binoculars using infrared. » 12/16/08 3:00pm 12/16/08 3:00pm

Brainwave Binoculars Will Pick Out The Things You Looked At, But Didn't

Pentagon gadget lab DARPA has just earmarked $6.7 million to develop "brain-wave binoculars." Electrodes placed on the user's scalp record electrical brain activity in an attempt to use the cranium's unrivaled ability to spot patterns. With time, the binoculars can learn to identify objects that would normally pique… » 6/22/08 7:30pm 6/22/08 7:30pm

Binoculars in Stuffed Toys Make You Look Like a Fluffy Pink Pig While…

Adam from Lifehacker found these binocular plushes while he was trying to find a replacement for his normal pair (they got crushed when his wife found him looking at the old lady across the street). Creepy! [Finetoy via Uneasy Silence] » 8/28/07 1:40pm 8/28/07 1:40pm

Peepers Delight: Binoculars with 5MP DigiCam Built-In

I've got good news for you bird watchers and peepers out there: you can now take binocular pictures that are actually decent quality. These binoculars have a 5-megapixel digital camera built right in, allowing you to really zoom in on your neighbors nipples. » 1/26/07 2:15pm 1/26/07 2:15pm

Digital Camera Binoculars 5MP—Voyeurism++

Here you go, you little creepy pervert. The Pro Viewer BinoCam is a 3-in-1 set of binoculars capable of proving a zoomed view that can also take pictures and record AVI video clips. The binoculars themselves have an 8x zoom. The pictures and video are stored on SD memory cards and can be viewed via the attached… » 11/16/06 9:13am 11/16/06 9:13am

Thanko BINOCA01 Recording Binoculars

These Thanko binoculars zooms up to 7x48, captures video at15FPS VGA resolution, and still pictures at 2 megapixels with up to 2048x1536 resolution. Perfect for capturing owls, owls nests, owl mating, owl babies, and other owl-related scenes. » 8/10/06 5:30pm 8/10/06 5:30pm

Sun Photo Binoculars With Built-in Digital Camera

Yeah, this can only have noble uses. This I am absolutely sure of. From Korea comes a pair of Sun Photo binoculars with a 2 megapixel digital camera built-in. Why would you need a pair of binoculars with a digital camera? Perhaps all those birdies you're looking at just want their picture taken? Yeah, that must be it. » 7/24/06 3:49pm 7/24/06 3:49pm

Virtual Sightseeing

Those creepy, potentially-diseased heavy metal binoculars that you find at tourist spots might be going the way of the Do Do. The Virtual Sightseeing system uses a similar concept but can overlay graphics and text on any scene. Who wouldn't want to see the colonists giving the Indians smallpox in Colonial… » 5/24/06 11:36am 5/24/06 11:36am