A Simple Adapter Turns Your Binoculars Into a Smartphone Zoom Lens

Camera-equipped smartphones aren't quite the perfect replacement for a digital camera just yet. They lack manual controls, use tiny sensors, and their simple lenses lack the ability to zoom. (And no, digital zoom doesn't count.) But if you've already got yourself a powerful set of binoculars, this simple adapter will… »7/02/13 1:19pm7/02/13 1:19pm


These Stabilized Binoculars Compensate for 98 Percent of Your Shakes and Shivers

Adapting its military-grade gear for the consumer market, Fraser-Volpe's STEDI-EYE Mariner binoculars promise to remove up to 98 percent of unwanted motion from shaky hands, or vibrations from a moving vehicle. It's weatherproof and packs night vision too, making it an uber-expensive accessory for serious bird… »10/02/12 12:40pm10/02/12 12:40pm

Brainwave Binoculars Will Pick Out The Things You Looked At, But Didn't See

Pentagon gadget lab DARPA has just earmarked $6.7 million to develop "brain-wave binoculars." Electrodes placed on the user's scalp record electrical brain activity in an attempt to use the cranium's unrivaled ability to spot patterns. With time, the binoculars can learn to identify objects that would normally pique… »6/22/08 7:30pm6/22/08 7:30pm