This Smart Cart Was Just Named the Year's Best American Invention

Dyson is renowned as much for its inventions as the way it makes them—a process The New Yorker once described as "a second industrial revolution." That's why the James Dyson Foundation was created: To foster and promote young inventors. Today, the organization announced the national winner of its annual Dyson Award,… » 9/17/14 7:01pm 9/17/14 7:01pm

Willie Nelson tells a story using an awesome magic card trick

The Awesomer found this cool video of the one and only Willie Nelson telling a story with a brilliant trick that uses every single card of a deck. It's amazing to see a legend like him telling a simple story. I watched in trance and with a smile all the time. » 9/13/14 7:03am 9/13/14 7:03am

Beware This Simple But Incredibly Effective Point-of-Sale Skimmer

Card skimmers are getting way more common, to the point that they've even started appearing on point-of-sale card machines. And, boy, if this thing is anything to go by, they're getting better and better. » 12/03/13 7:20am 12/03/13 7:20am

These Are the Apple Factory Worker's 13 Commandments

A guy found this mystery card inside his new MacBook Pro box. The card belongs to the factory worker who packed the laptop and it contains the 13 Commandments of Foxconn. Here's what it means: » 6/13/12 11:21am 6/13/12 11:21am

What Is This Mystery Chinese Card Found In a MacBook Pro Box?

A guy opened his new MacBook Pro box and found this laminated light blue card with Chinese text on the front and back. What is it? A desperate message asking for help? A fortune cookie message? » 6/13/12 10:00am 6/13/12 10:00am

Nvidia's GeForce GTX 690 Is Its Face-Meltingest Video Card Yet

Be still, my spec-hungry heart. Nvidia's latest and greatest is a monster in a beautiful body. Dual-GPUs, 28nm Kepler architecture, 3,072 CUDA parallel processing cores, ARRGH ARRGH ARRRRRGH! This beast basically doubles the performance of the already awesome GTX 680. » 4/29/12 12:00pm 4/29/12 12:00pm

Give a $50 iTunes Gift Card for Just $40

The X day is almost here. You are desperate. Get to Walmart's web site and order this $50 iTunes gift card for just $40. It's delivered via email, so you will get it instantly. [Walmart via 9to5 Cult of Mac] » 12/23/11 10:41am 12/23/11 10:41am

7 Non-Apple Alternatives to Today's iOS 5 Releases

iOS 5 dropped today, which is fantastic, I guess—if you own an iPhone. However, if you're like me and, well, don't but still want the same bells and whistles on your phone, might I suggest the following? » 10/12/11 4:00pm 10/12/11 4:00pm

Apple's Giving Out Gift Cards for Recycling Your iPhone or iPad

Apple's updated its reuse and recycling program to include iPhones and iPads. If you trade in your handset or computer, you'll receive an Apple gift card for "fair market value." They'll also recycle any old, non-Apple displays or computers for free, even if you're not buying a new Mac. [MacRumors] » 8/09/11 1:53pm 8/09/11 1:53pm

New York Hospital Trades Insurance Cards for Vein Scanners

Langone Medical Center in New York is streamlining the hospital check-in process with specialized scanners from Fujitsu that recognize the unique vein pattern of your palm. » 7/28/11 11:28pm 7/28/11 11:28pm

AMD's New Under-$100 Video Cards Are Pretty Decent

A hundred bucks isn't what it used to be. It won't get you a new pair of Jordans or take you halfway to buying your way out of a Union army conscription. But it'll buy you a half-decent video card. » 4/19/11 8:04pm 4/19/11 8:04pm

If You're a Cyclist, Throw This Magnet at the Next Car Who Endangers…

It's dangerous riding a bike in the city—crazy drivers swerving in and out can seriously hurt you. So the next time a crazy jerk cuts you off and almost kills you, throw this magnetic yellow card at his car. » 12/18/10 4:00pm 12/18/10 4:00pm

A Card Trick Leads To A New Mathematical Bound On Data Compression

A complicated card trick that deals with the colors of the cards and a binary De Bruijn cycle has helped a mathematician reach a new bound on data compression. Magic and math, more friendly than you'd think! » 11/27/10 12:00am 11/27/10 12:00am

The Vile History of Gift Cards and How They Came to Destroy Christmas

Gift cards have ruined Christmas. An utterly depressing fact: They're the most popular present in the United States. Did you know Blockbuster is responsible for the modern gift card? » 12/27/09 9:00am 12/27/09 9:00am

The Thinnest Macbook Pro Is the Best Love Card for Fanboys and Fangirls

Here is the most thinnerest and cutest Apple Macbook Pro you can buy. It is 4.25 x 5.5 x 0.01 inches, and it only costs seven United States rupees! » 12/15/09 1:00am 12/15/09 1:00am

The Season's Most Expensive DIY Christmas Card

I've always loved getting handmade Christmas cards. It's just so heartwarming to open one and listen to a holiday song on the built-in iPhone. » 12/08/09 4:20pm 12/08/09 4:20pm

Twitter Co-Founder Begins Trial On SquareUp iPhone Credit Card Payment…

Basic details about Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey's plans for an iPhone credit card payment service have been floating around for some time, but it appears that his SquareUp startup has finally gone live for trial users—and it looks promising. » 12/01/09 2:17pm 12/01/09 2:17pm

AT&T Lets You Pay-As-You-Go For Notebook DataConnect Coverage

Instead of signing up for a monthly plan on a notebook data card, AT&T now lets you pay for chunks of data beforehand. Unfortunately, it's really expensive. » 11/23/09 1:59pm 11/23/09 1:59pm

Mixtape Generation Card Requires Obligatory "It Rocks" Headline

Koji Sueyoshi, you are a genius and your Mixtape Generation business card could only have been more perfect if it actually played a selection of 80s rock ballads and disco themes. [Direct Daily] » 9/17/09 9:30am 9/17/09 9:30am