His and Her Watch Phones Good for Dick Tracy Fantasy Role Play

Sadly, watch phones still aren't cool, but Dick Tracy called the weekend news desk and approved the heck out of these his and her models from Chinavision » 11/16/08 10:00am 11/16/08 10:00am. Sporting dual SIM cards, these black and pink pieces of geek arm candy do video and music, take pictures, and feature a touchscreen (complete with mini stylus).…

My MobileWatch Wrist Phone

Here come the cellphone watches, with this $499 Dick Tracy-esque model from SMS Technology Australia being the second one we've seen this month. Called by its maker "the world's smallest wrist phone," My MobileWatch has an internal antenna, voice dialing and hooks up to Bluetooth, so imagine yourself wearing a tiny… » 6/29/06 8:21am 6/29/06 8:21am