The Navy Has The Ultimate MH370 Search Tool, It's Just Not Operational

While the world is tied up in the mystery of what happened to Malaysian Air Flight 370, testers at Edwards AFB in south central California and at Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland are hard at work developing the ultimate tool for solving such a mystery, the Northrop Grumman built MQ-4C Triton. » 3/18/14 5:18pm 3/18/14 5:18pm

Scientists create winged-jellyfish drone…and it's beautiful

Researchers from New York University recently unveiled a drone that "mimics the movements of swimming jellyfish." Designed by Leif Ristroph, an applied mathematician at NYU, the drone was presented at a fluid dynamics conference in Pittsburgh. It's tiny and adorable and I want one. » 1/15/14 11:36pm 1/15/14 11:36pm

What the world must look like to a flying bird (hint: awesome)

Claytonias F. traveled around America the past few months and documented it all with a quadcopter drone, a Phantom and a GoPro. The aerial views of our wonderful country are incredible to us foot worn humans but probably just a normal Wednesday for flying birds. This is probably the closest we'll come to flying. And… » 11/22/13 9:00pm 11/22/13 9:00pm

Lasers, Drones, and Future Tech on the Front Lines of Archaeology

» 10/21/13 2:38pm 10/21/13 2:38pm

James Newhard is Director of Archaeology at the College of Charleston, where he works to bring 3D imaging, mobile technology and geographic information systems to a field more popularly associated with shovels and dusty brushes. Gizmodo got in touch with Dr. Newhard to learn how he uses emerging tech to dig deep into … » 10/21/13 2:38pm 10/21/13 2:38pm

A Beautifully Creepy Drone View of Beautifully Vain Los Angeles

Los Angeles flaunts its celebrity and pumps its cleavage and yogas its fitness and bikinis its summer and juices its vapidity and sells its dream better than any city in the world. We've seen beautiful time lapses and showcases of the nightlife of LA before, so here is a deliciously futuristic (and Big Brother-ish)… » 7/20/13 1:00am 7/20/13 1:00am

Sky Fighter: Meet the Man Who Wants to Drone-Proof Your Home

Last week, FBI Director Robert Mueller finally admitted that the Bureau uses drones to carry out surveillance on Americans (say hi!). Meanwhile, the tweens next door are probably spying on you too, watching you pick your nose using a $300 drone they bought on Amazon. UAV use in America—and public anxiety over it—is… » 6/28/13 1:23pm 6/28/13 1:23pm

Watch the First Ever Carrier Drone Jet Launch

You are about to witness a historical event: the first drone jet ever launched from an aircraft carrier. In a few decades, when autonomous drone planes battle each other in the skies, fire missiles at drone troops and battleships, humanity will look back at this day as the true beginning of total drone warfare. » 5/14/13 6:08pm 5/14/13 6:08pm

Highway Motorists Confuse Military Drone With UFO, Cause Twitter…

When this happened in Kansas in broad daylight, people gathered along the road to watch in awe what they thought could be a UFO transported by the military. Yesterday evening the same scene caused a frenzy in Washington DC's highways. » 6/14/12 12:40pm 6/14/12 12:40pm

Upgraded Killer Drone May Fly for Two Days Straight

The Air Force's premier killer drone could get a lot more dangerous, if the flying branch agrees to upgrades proposed by the robot's manufacturer. California drone-maker General Atomics has figured out ways to nearly double the flight time of the camera-, missile- and radar-equipped MQ-9 Reaper by adding fuel pods,… » 4/19/12 4:40pm 4/19/12 4:40pm