ASUS Preparing One Google Tablet, One Windows

Forbes is reporting in an interview with ASUS' Chairman Jonney Shih that they're preparing their "own iPad rivals," two models which will launch "in the coming months" and run on Google Chrome (or Android) and Windows. » 3/31/10 5:49am 3/31/10 5:49am

ASUS Eee PC 1001PX: All Carbon Fiber

It's no 14-hr battery life like ASUS' 1015 model, but the 1001PX is made from carbon fiber—just like those chopsticks you were admiring! Inside, an Atom N450 chip and 1GB of RAM hulk, ready for portable netbooking funtimes. » 3/22/10 10:06am 3/22/10 10:06am

ASUS Eee PC 1201N Available for Amazon Pre-Order

You can now put in your order for the first ASUS Eee PC running on an Nvidia Ion platform (and find out how good a bargain it really is) from Amazon for $500, shipping January 15th. [Amazon via Electronista] » 12/04/09 5:45pm 12/04/09 5:45pm