Privacy Watchdog: Don't Trust Facebook with WhatsApp

The corporate narrative around WhatsApp's obscurity-to-billions story centers around values. The company's founders, we're told, respect our privacy above all else—except $19 billion dollars from a company no one trusts to respect our privacy. Now one group is asking for government intervention. » 3/07/14 3:41pm 3/07/14 3:41pm

Google's Getting Sued for Consolidating Its Privacy Policies

Seems like everyone is lining up to take shots at the search giant. Besides lawmakers investigating how it will use the unified data and regulators investigating whether the company prioritizes its own services in search results, a public interest group is now suing to prevent Google from implementing its privacy… » 2/08/12 8:20pm 2/08/12 8:20pm

Unreal Engine 3 Development Kit Coming For iOS Apps

Just after Apple eased restrictions on app development, Epic Games has announced that the Unreal Development Kit, that which produced the mouthwatering Epic Citadel demo, will be made available to developers for use in iOS apps. UDK will "eventually," be available for Android, said the studio VP, "but iOS is the… » 9/14/10 3:19pm 9/14/10 3:19pm