You Can Rent This 1962 Epic, But Should Really See it On The Big Screen

Usually movie nights on Giz are where we suggest something you can stream from the comfort of your home, like, right now. So yes: Technically, you can rent Lawrence of Arabia and queue it up this eve while you watch from the sofa. I won't tell you not to do that. But consider this post a kind of heads-up: If the 1962… »9/03/14 8:40pm9/03/14 8:40pm

Google's Getting Sued for Consolidating Its Privacy Policies

Seems like everyone is lining up to take shots at the search giant. Besides lawmakers investigating how it will use the unified data and regulators investigating whether the company prioritizes its own services in search results, a public interest group is now suing to prevent Google from implementing its privacy… »2/08/12 8:20pm2/08/12 8:20pm