It's Almost Impossible To Tell This Butterfly Is Actually a Robot

The butterfly is one of nature's most graceful creations, but with upgrades from Festo, this robotic doppleganger is better equipped to navigate large spaces. It might flap and flutter like the real thing, but this butterfly is 100 percent artificial—although the branding on the wings probably gave that away. »3/27/15 4:10pm3/27/15 4:10pm

This Robot Arm's Water Balloon Gripper Is Inspired By a Gecko's Tongue

Five fingers at the end of an arm has turned out to be a fantastic tool for humans, but coordinating so many digits is a lot to ask of a robot. So inspired by the stretchy tongue on a gecko, engineers at Festo have come with a bulbous-looking water-filled gripper that's just as adept at picking things up as the human… »3/27/15 2:15pm3/27/15 2:15pm

This Bionic Kangaroo Is Perfect For an Australia-Themed Amusement Park

Yesterday, Festo unveiled a bird-inspired wind turbine, but today, the company has unveiled a new robotic creation that's a little more recognizable. The world may not have a huge need for a bionic kangaroo—outside of Australian-themed amusement parks—but emulating the marsupial could result in robots with remarkably… »4/02/14 4:00pm4/02/14 4:00pm

Hypnotic Flapping Wing Turbines Keep Working in the Gentlest Breeze

There have been many proposed alternatives to the spinning propeller blades used on wind turbines installed all over the county, but none as unorthodox as Festo's new DualWingGenerator. Inspired by the company's work on winged flying robots, the design keeps working when winds are as slow as nine miles per hour. »4/01/14 4:20pm4/01/14 4:20pm

Ocean Wave Movements Make For Much Better Conveyer Belts

You wouldn't think there's much room for improvement when it comes to a conveyor belt, or much demand for it. They just move things along, right?. Well Festo's new WaveHandling conveyor system can actually move objects in any direction, and even individually sort them allowing it to replace multiple components in an… »4/05/13 5:40pm4/05/13 5:40pm

AquaJelly and AirJelly Robot Jellyfish At Home In the Water or the Sky

Festo, the same company that brought us the Air Ray robot last year, has developed yet another graceful robot inspired by a creature of the sea. In fact, they have developed two versions, both based on the common jellyfish: the AquaJelly and the AirJelly. According to Festo, the AquaJelly is "an artificial autonomous… »4/23/08 6:30pm4/23/08 6:30pm

Air Ray, the Shiny Remote-Controlled, Wing-Flappin' Critter

Here's a helium balloon with a twist: The Air Ray is modeled after a manta ray but instead of lazily plying its way through the ocean, it floats gracefully through the air. The guys at Festo, a company that specializes in factory automation but seems to have a lot of spare time for fun projects, created a beating… »8/28/07 8:45am8/28/07 8:45am