How Formula One's Amazing New Hybrid Turbo Engine Works

A 1.6-liter V6 turbo revving at 15,000 rpm with unlimited boost that turns small drops of fuel into 600 horsepower aided by an electrical system that pumps out another 160 electron-charged horses. This is the pinnacle of engine development. » 1/22/14 9:59am 1/22/14 9:59am

$5,700 Formula One Seiko Sportura Ultimate Kinetic Chrono

F1 racers are lucky sons o' guns. They make more than baseball players, get first pick of the hottest Euro models, drive really really fast without fear of the highway patrol, and get cool special edition crap. Seiko just unveiled this year's Honda special edition Sportura Ultimate Kinetic Chrono, and announced that… » 5/22/07 2:35pm 5/22/07 2:35pm

$36,000 Formula 1 Chess Set

Formula 1 auto racing may not be as popular here in the U.S. as, say, Nascar, but that shouldn't exclude us from enjoying this attractive chess set made of old Renault parts. Priced at a reasonable $36,511, this chess set uses every part of the car, just how we were taught that Native Americans used every part of the… » 7/20/06 3:54pm 7/20/06 3:54pm