Save Up To 20% on Gift Cards To Select Stores and Restaurants

Ebay just kicked off a nice little promotion promotion, with discounts of up to 20% on gift cards for several popular stores and restaurants, including IHOP, GameStop, Steak ‘n Shake, and Jiffy Lube. If you see any places where you would have spent your money anyway, then this is a no-brainer. [Up to 20% off Select… »10/23/15 6:15pm10/23/15 6:15pm


Save $15 on $100 Worth of Gift Cards, PSN and Xbox Live Included

Feel like shopping anywhere other than Amazon after yesterday’s Prime Day overload? You’re in luck, because eBay is taking $15 off every $100 you spend on a selection of gift cards to various stores and restaurants. Assuming they’re places you would have shopped anyway, that’s basically free money. »7/16/15 9:35am7/16/15 9:35am

Buy $45 in Amazon Gift Cards, Get $10 in Free Amazon Credit

It's not even Black Friday yet, but we might have already found the most obvious deal of the holiday shopping season. If you're an Amazon Prime member, and you buy $45 in Amazon Gift Cards, you'll get a $10 credit added to your account. That's free money, folks. »11/05/14 9:15am11/05/14 9:15am

Facebook Gift Cards: The Crappiest Way to Give the Laziest Gift

Facebook has a new physical gift card that works like a regular gift card except you can use it at multiple retailers. But! It's not a cash-equivalent Visa you can spend everywhere. It's not even a stored value card that lets you spend the X-amount of money wherever you want within a Facebook-approved pool of… »1/31/13 1:42pm1/31/13 1:42pm

Starbucks Is Charging $450 for a Specially Etched Metal Gift Card to Buy Coffee Flavored Water

Starbucks, purveyor of coffee flavored water, builder of coffee scented corner stores and shelter for no coffee drinking Wi-Fi leeches, has a new shtick: a premium gift card. It's made of steel! It's 'specially etched'! And it's a super, limited edition that inanely costs 450 bucks. »12/05/12 8:40pm12/05/12 8:40pm

Amazon Turns Boring Gift Cards Into Campy Personalized Videos

Gift cards are a cop-out that screams "I'm too lazy to think about this!" But if you're going to go that route, you might as well go with an Amazon gift card because, well, you can buy just about anything on Amazon. It's like handing someone cash. Besides, now that Amazon's teamed up with video greeting card service… »11/16/12 10:44am11/16/12 10:44am