U.S. Allies 'Borrowing' Munitions To Drop On ISIS As U.S. Stockpiles Are Also In Question

There is a lot of political talk right now about the U.S. carrying the weight militarily for its allies, including NATO. One actual example of this is the recurring situation where, even in lower-intensity conflicts, our allies run out of guided air-to-ground munitions to drop on the enemy. Well, it has happening once…

Brussels Bombers May Have Plotted Kidnapping To Get Nuclear Material For Dirty Bomb

Just as word has come that two Americans were killed in the attacks on Brussels, multiple reports state that brothers and suicide bombers Khalid and Ibrahim El Bakraoui plotted to get their hands on nuclear material for a dirty bomb—and they set their eyes on a top Belgian nuclear researcher to do it.


The Islamic State Is Developing Remote Control Car Bombs With Decoy Dummies

Suicide bombings are a favorite tactic of choice for terrorists the world over. Hamas, the Tamil Tigers, and the Taliban have all used them. The Islamic State has committed plenty of suicide attacks, too, but suicide attacks have an inherent problem – eventually you run out of people willing to commit suicide just to…