I'd Likely Starve to Death Before These Robots Finish Making My Sandwich

I'm hungry. And lazy. And that sandwich/bowl of popcorn aren't going to make themselves. Or are they? With James and Rosie in my kitchen, they will. Just very, very slowly. » 12/15/11 12:20am 12/15/11 12:20am

2D Versions of Films Are Out-Performing Their Pricey 3D Counterparts

Roger Ebert was right. Not about video games not being art, that was pure bullshit. He was right about 3D being a waste of movie-goers' money—and apparently more and more people are agreeing with him. » 9/16/11 7:40pm 9/16/11 7:40pm

Avatar 3D Blu-ray Finally Available—When a Panasonic 3DTV is Bought

We knew the 3D version of the Avatar Blu-ray would be a Panasonic exclusive at first, but they've just confirmed the "Ultimate Pack" is available now—when one of their Viera 3DTV is purchased. » 12/01/10 9:59am 12/01/10 9:59am

Solar Dragonfly Flaps Wings Feebly, Makes Us Sad

James Watts spends his time putting together fantastic insect-bot sculptures, and the Solar Dragonfly is one of the best. The solar panels running down the body actually power the wings, which are then kicked into motion using a pager motor. Sure, it looks swell, but we can't help but think the Solar Dragonfly would… » 2/24/08 11:59pm 2/24/08 11:59pm

James Webb Space Telescope: Boldly Peeking Where No Man Has Peeked…

This is the James Webb Space Telescope, NASA's new infrared peeping Tom and part of the effort to replace Hubble. It looks like an Imperial Star Destroyer and it seems just as big. OK, maybe it's not Enterprise-fire-your-transphasic-torpedoes huge, but as you can see in this impressive actual-scale model, it is … » 5/11/07 7:00am 5/11/07 7:00am

Nokia N95 Spyphone: Will Eavesdrop on your Wife, won't Shag her or Mix…

It has been well documented here that Nokia's N95 brings zero gravity to your pocket—a certain feeling of weightlessless as you realize that your wallet is lighter by 750 notes. » 4/11/07 6:40pm 4/11/07 6:40pm

All Giz Wants: Donations for the Kim Family

There's a lot of stuff we want for the holidays. Most of it can't be bought on a shelf. Yes, things like Tivo Series 3 for $99. But the guys and I want to make it clear that what we really want is for each of our readers to make a donation to James Kim's family. » 12/11/06 5:35pm 12/11/06 5:35pm

New Sony Commercial: Casino Royale

Casino Royale may be the most expensive commercial in history. We loaded this video expecting to see some sweet sharks with laser beams, but were extremely disappointed when half the shots are just of James Bond on a laptop - with special attention focused on "VAIO". » 10/08/06 7:30pm 10/08/06 7:30pm