The James Webb Space Telescope Looks Like Gold Plated Space Origami

When it launches in October 2018, the James Webb Space Telescope will become the largest optical telescope in space. With its 6.5 meter wide mirror, it will gather infrared light from up to 13.5 billion light years away, giving astronomers a look at the earliest moments of the universe. But the mirror is too big to… »8/23/15 12:03pm8/23/15 12:03pm


When you build an amazing spacecraft like NASA's James Webb Space Telescope, you have to be methodic

When you build an amazing spacecraft like NASA's James Webb Space Telescope, you have to be methodical—and just look how neatly organized their workspace is. This photo was taken a few weeks ago at Northrop Grumman, where the pathfinder backplane of the telescope was assembled. It will soon head to NASA Johnson for… »8/07/14 7:30am8/07/14 7:30am

The Webb Space Telescope's sunshield is complete and it looks amazing

NASA has finished and stacked the Sunshield for the Webb Space Telescope and it's now getting ready to test it. Look at this huge thing. That's enough tinfoil to cover a roasted chicken— if the chicken was the size of Tyrannosaurus Rex. According to NASA, it provides the equivalent of a 1,000,000 Sun Protection Factor. »7/25/14 8:32pm7/25/14 8:32pm

The 5 Massive New Telescopes That Will Change Astronomy Forever

The biggest building boom in the history of astronomy is upon us. In Chile and Hawaii and in space, astronomers are getting powerful telescopes that dwarf the current state-of-the-art instruments. When the mountain blasting and the mirror polishing are all done, we will have the clearest and most detailed views of… »7/25/14 9:00am7/25/14 9:00am

Here's Why You Should Be Excited About The James Webb Space Telescope

Peter Cullen, voice of Optimus Prime, recently lent his legendary voice to a slick animated introduction to the successor of the ridiculously prolific Hubble Telescope, NASA's James Webb Space Telescope. But Cullen's velvety voice is far from the only reason to be excited about JWST. »6/21/14 7:59pm6/21/14 7:59pm