Spot Everything Wrong With This Photo of Kanye Taking an iPad Pic

Of course, of course, Kanye West would use his iPad to take a photo of Kim taking a photo. His tablet pic faux pas is 100 percent believable. But this picture—from the couple's Vogue spread—is also a horrible photoshop job. Using image annotation*, help us point out everything that's wrong. » 3/24/14 11:52am 3/24/14 11:52am

Random Viral Video Blasts an 8-Year-Old Kanye West Song to the Top 20

A few weeks ago, Marina Shifrin made a YouTube video to tell her boss she was quitting. Shifrin's resignation went viral, granting her 15-minutes of inter-fame and the possibility of a future job. Good for her! But the video has also given an unlikely second life to its Kanye West soundtrack. "Gone," from Yeezy's 2005… » 10/11/13 10:40am 10/11/13 10:40am

Kanye West: Black Skinhead (A Music Video Inside a Moleskine)

Sort of like the literal MS Paint renditions of popular songs, this music video of Kanye West's visceral Black Skinhead draws out each of his lyrics inside the pages of a Moleskine for you to follow along. It's an art-filled music video inside a plain Moleskine. Like the pages are opening up to a pounding orchestra. » 7/12/13 8:00pm 7/12/13 8:00pm

Kanye Got Mice Autographed by Steve Jobs and Woz for Father's Day

Kanye West: in the last month he's compared himself to Steve Jobs and God and he became a dad for the first time. So it's fitting that on Father's Day this year, he was the proud recipient of a pair of Apple mice signed by none other than Jobs and Woz, according to a picture Yeezy posted on Twitter. Between this and… » 7/01/13 12:57pm 7/01/13 12:57pm

Who Would You Cast In a Live-Action Jetsons Movie?

Kanye West is making the rounds again claiming that he's the creative director for a live-action Jetsons movie that's currently (sort-of, kind-of, not really) in development. Beyond the fact that "creative director" isn't actually the title for a job on any movie — but something you'd find at an advertising agency —… » 6/27/13 1:30pm 6/27/13 1:30pm

Inside Kanye's Insane Seven-Screen Movie Pyramid

When Yeezy premiers a film, it's safe to assume he's not going to gather some people inside an auditorium and hit the lights. Why do that when you could commission a massive pyramid to house a seven-screen cinematic palace? » 5/27/12 3:00pm 5/27/12 3:00pm

Kanye's Epic, Seven-Screen DONDA Movie Coming Next Week

Remember when Kanye went on an epic rant back in January about his new technology-fueled initiative DONDA? Remember the talk of his quasi-sci-fi short film set in 2016, which would be projected onto seven screens? Yeah, he wasn't lying. It's happening, and it'll see the light of day next week. » 5/18/12 10:19am 5/18/12 10:19am

That New "Donda Media" Site Is Fake As Hell (Updated)

Everyone's chattering about, the new site claiming to be from Kanye West's insane tech startup Donda. By everybody, I mean The Washington Post and Twitter, which went bezerker over it, and, well, us. But Oh come on, now. If this ain't a hoax, I'll eat Kanye's doo-doo. » 3/28/12 5:30pm 3/28/12 5:30pm

This Can't Possibly Be Kanye's Insane Tech Start Up, Can It?

Earlier this year, Kanye West went on an epic Twitter berserker barrage that was so insane it promised to revolutionize tech, architecture, education and everything in between. Apparently (emphasis on APPARENTLY), his first project with his new start up, Donda Media, popped up in beta last night and it's... uhh... what … » 3/28/12 2:53pm 3/28/12 2:53pm

Kanye's Insane Tech Startup Is the Most Insane Kanye Plan Ever

Like a Mount Vesuvius covered in Louis Vuitton, Kanye West just ended his Twitter dormancy with an enormous late night rant. The subject? Not Taylor Swift, but revolutionizing tech, architecture, education—the list goes on. He's assembling a superteam. » 1/05/12 10:40am 1/05/12 10:40am

Aziz Ansari Hilariously Remixes a Jay-Z and Kanye West Song with Emojis

Jay-Z and Kanye West's N*ggas in Paris is an epically hard, head bumping anthem that's ruled rap for the better part of the year. Aziz Ansari and Matthew Shawver just one upped it by translating it into a hilarious rendition filled with emojis from their iPhones. This is the best thing to happen to music all year. » 12/09/11 5:20pm 12/09/11 5:20pm