KITT Uses Apple Slim Wireless Keyboard, for Some Reason

We already pointed it out when we first looked at its interior, but now it's confirmed: KITT's iPhone-inspired dashboard also includes the slim Apple Wireless Keyboard. Why a keyboard when you have all that touchscreen and voice recognition goodness? We don't know. Probably to use Command + Alt + Esc to force quit… » 2/19/08 4:20pm 2/19/08 4:20pm

Knight Rider iPhone-Inspired Interior Officially Revealed

The new KITT's dashboard has been officially revealed, confirming the previously leaked image (in high resolution after the jump, along with a gratuitous—but necessary—photo of the new car and the Hoff at the Playboy Mansion) and Knight Rider's producer David Bartis' words about the interior design's similarities with… » 2/14/08 8:20am 2/14/08 8:20am

Knight Rider Mod Case Requires Leather Pants to Operate

Knight Rider, a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a modded PC who does exist although we all wish it didn't. Thomas Fan, a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the LED abusers, the lounge music fans, the tasteless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law. He just added a scanner to his… » 2/05/08 6:00am 2/05/08 6:00am

Knight Rider to Return—Who Can Fill The Hoff's Leather Pants?

Kitt and Michael Knight, the Sonny and Cher of the '80s, are to make a return. NBC is apparently in talks with Doug Liman, director of Mr and Mrs Smith and The Bourne Identity to bring Knight Rider back, but this time with a Transformers-style twist, with evil cars chasing our be-permed hero and his wheels. A two-hour… » 9/28/07 10:33am 9/28/07 10:33am