Which State Will Get Tesla's Gargantuan Battery Factory?

Electric car maker Tesla wants a cheaper, faster way to produce the lithium ion batteries that power its cars, and the company has settled on a gargantuan solution: the so-called "gigafactory" that, if all goes as planned, will crank out more lithium ion batteries than the entire world produced in 2013. » 4/01/14 4:54pm 4/01/14 4:54pm

Why Smartphone, Laptop, and Airplane Batteries Explode

Lighter, less expensive and more energy dense than other secondary battery technologies, lithium-ion has become the dominant form of rechargeable battery today. It powers everything from mobile phones and laptops to cars and commercial jets. But there is one little problem—these batteries don't just short circuit, they … » 2/20/13 4:00pm 2/20/13 4:00pm

Boeing Knew About the 787 Dreamliner's Battery Problems Before It…

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner was recently grounded across the world because its lithium ion batteries would self-combust in a blaze of glory (aka the batteries melt). What's interesting is that Boeing knew about all the battery problems in the 787 before any flight was grounded. » 1/29/13 11:16pm 1/29/13 11:16pm

Batteries: The Absolute Definitive Guide

Nobody thinks about batteries—until they've run out of juice, of course. But this humble and surprisingly ancient technology has done far more for human civilization than most people realize. » 12/06/12 2:29pm 12/06/12 2:29pm

What all battery types have in common—from the tiny button cells that power watches to multi-ton blocks…