Apple Magsafe 2 Adapter: Pay $10 to Stick One Magnet to Another Magnet

It's somewhat understandable that Apple had to redesign the Magsafe adapter, considering the engineering wizardry they pulled off with the Next-Gen MacBook Pro. But to use an Apple display or older MacBook power adapter to charge your next-gen MacBook Pro or new MacBook Air, you'll need to kickdown $10 for this little… »6/11/12 4:09pm6/11/12 4:09pm

MagStay Is For People Who Use Macs But Hate Steve Jobs

You're forced to use a Mac for assorted reasons (boss made you; school requires it; reliability in general) but you don't like it. The best way to stick it to the Jobsman is to buy a $12 MagStay. This little plastic thingamajig locks into the USB port next to the MagSafe magnetic breakaway power adapter, holding it in… »3/06/08 10:15am3/06/08 10:15am

Nokia Magnetic Cellphone Port Concept Mimics Apple's MagSafe Ports

Nokia is thinking about making its charging and headset ports magnetic, just like Apple's MagSafe ports on its laptops. Nokia users are well aware that the headset and charging ports on their phones are quite similar. The beauty of this idea is that there is a negative magnetic polarity on one of the ports and a… »12/19/07 3:50pm12/19/07 3:50pm