MasterCard Will Offer a Credit Card With a Fingerprint Sensor

The appeal of a contactless payment card is obvious: you just wave your credit or debit card over a terminal and you've paid. But it also removes the PIN from the equation, meaning it's easy for someone to steal and use your card. To combat this, but to also keep contactless payments a breeze, MasterCard has just… »10/17/14 9:19am10/17/14 9:19am

We're This Much Closer to Replacing Our Wallets With Phones

It sounds boring, but one of the most important frontiers in technology right now is how mobile can make paying for stuff easier. And while this year's Mobile World Congress might have been a little lacking in four-star hardware, there were some serious steps taken towards replacing your wallet with your smartphone. »2/27/13 12:00pm2/27/13 12:00pm

I Really Want a Credit Card with a LCD Screen and Touchscreen Keypad

You can have your black card and your credit card carved out of adamantium (just kidding, I would really like that), the only credit card I want is MasterCard's Display Card. MasterCard has been testing the card that comes with a LCD and touchscreen keypad, for some time and has now introduced it in Singapore. They… »11/07/12 9:00pm11/07/12 9:00pm

Why NFC-Enabled Computers Will Usher in the Future of Online Shopping

Today at the Intel Developer Forum, MasterCard joined the chipmaker onstage to talk about electronic payments. Beneath all the marketing speak and generic statements however was a wonderful revelation: the two companies are going to partner up and give merchants and laptop makers the necessary technology they need to… »9/11/12 4:40pm9/11/12 4:40pm

Gemalto's New MasterCard PayPass SIM Will Let You Use Your Dumbphone to Make NFC Payments

Soon digital security firm Gemalto's new MasterCard PayPass SIM card will make NFC payments possible on all GSM phones—whether smart or dumb. It means that you'll be able to use the SIM to manage and make mobile payments and—if it's successful—the SIM could bring the first mass commercial rollout of NFC payments… »3/29/11 11:20pm3/29/11 11:20pm

Nokia, Cingular Team for Pay-by-Phone Service in NYC

Nokia, Cingular, Citibank and Mastercard have all gathered around in a festive orgy to begin offering a trial pay-by-phone service in the NYC area. The cellphones will use the NFC (near field communications) credit card/cellphones and the already in-place Mastercard PayPass system. Folks will be able to walk up to a… »12/15/06 11:06am12/15/06 11:06am