Here's What T-Mobile Gets in Their Breakup Settlement

As we all know, German mobile communications giant Deutsche Telekom had betrothed it's American daughter T-Mobile to AT&T. Then things went south. But though T-Mobile was left standing alone at the altar, it won't necessarily be left empty-handed. Here's the rundown on exactly what they're getting as a breakup fee. » 12/20/11 2:33pm 12/20/11 2:33pm

FCC Chief Puts the Kibosh on AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

FCC chairman, Julius Genachowski, issued a draft statement yesterday lashing out against AT&T's proposed acquisition of T-Mobile, calling its concentration of the wireless market contrary to the public interest. He's also requested an administrative hearing, placing the onus on AT&T to prove the deal benign to… » 11/23/11 9:00pm 11/23/11 9:00pm

States Are Lining Up to Investigate the AT&T-Mobile Deal

While no local governments have actually moved to prevent AT&T's acquisition of T-Mobile USA, a whole bunch have started firing off subpoenas at both Ma Bell and Sprint, the deal's most vocal opponent. The nine states are requesting data related to antitrust investigations, which, hey, of course going from four major… » 7/12/11 5:25pm 7/12/11 5:25pm