Photoshop Yourself Into a Na'vi (Or Just Watch Someone Else Do It)

There are few more lazily fulfilling practices in this world than to watch someone else Photoshop in time lapse. In this clip, a guy turns himself into a Na'vi (Avatar smurf). Papyrus credits included. [fubiz via DVICE] » 1/11/10 1:40pm 1/11/10 1:40pm

Extended, Extra-Creepy Na'vi Sex Scene Might Land on Avatar DVD

As if that mercifully brief giant blue lizard-cat sex scene that actually made it to Avatar wasn't disturbing enough, it turns out there's much more—and you weirdos may get to see it in the DVD release. » 12/30/09 11:20pm 12/30/09 11:20pm

I Spent $300 Million on This Movie and All I Got Were These Lousy…

When someone's spending $300 million on the most technically ambitious film ever, you'd think some of that money would go towards making a custom font. Apparently James had other stuff to worry about, though, because Avatar's subtitles are in Papyrus. » 12/19/09 12:00pm 12/19/09 12:00pm

Navigon GPS Navi iPhone App: Europe-Only Maps, $95 "Special…

We knew that iPhone OS 3.0 would bring navi apps, and that they'd cost plenty. Navigon just popped MobileNavigator Europe—no support for US roads, and a $95 pricetag that will soon go up. » 6/22/09 2:40pm 6/22/09 2:40pm

Lowrance iWAY 600c Navi With Satellite Imagery, 30GB Drive

This is not just any GPS navigation device; this Lowrance iWAY 600c can overlay satellite imagery on its maps, giving you a view similar to what you might see in Google Earth with the roads turned on. Its maps can be mixed into the usual 2D modes and even show up in an elevated 3D mode. Cool. » 11/01/06 2:45pm 11/01/06 2:45pm

Nokia 330 Navigation Device to Ship This Year

We've been hearing rumblings about the Nokia 330 dedicated navigation device for a while now, but today the company makes it official, vowing to release it sometime before the end of the year in Europe. Its 3.5-inch touchscreen will give you voice guidance and visual directions using NavTeq map data, and it also… » 10/30/06 1:17pm 10/30/06 1:17pm

Sony PSP GPS Navi Hardware and Software Coming Soon

Pairing up the Sony PSP and GPS navigation seems like a natural, and we've been hearing rumblings about such a thing for a while now. Now a company called Edia has revealed software that works with the upcoming $50 GPS receiver hardware from Sony, and the software and hardware will reportedly ship in Japan this… » 9/25/06 12:41pm 9/25/06 12:41pm