The Navy Has The Ultimate MH370 Search Tool, It's Just Not Operational

While the world is tied up in the mystery of what happened to Malaysian Air Flight 370, testers at Edwards AFB in south central California and at Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland are hard at work developing the ultimate tool for solving such a mystery, the Northrop Grumman built MQ-4C Triton. » 3/18/14 5:18pm 3/18/14 5:18pm

These Next Generation Drones Carry Gear and Machine Guns into Battle

When most people hear the word "drone," they probably picture a cockpit-free plane zipping over the Iraqi desert. But there's more to it than that. The Army is in the process of adopting a whole new generation of unmanned vehicles that will assist soldiers on the battlefield—and they're by far the scariest… » 10/15/13 1:40pm 10/15/13 1:40pm

Highlights from the World's Largest Drone Fair

Defense industry specialists circled up in Washington this week for the three-day-long trade fair of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International. In other words, a bunch of guys with a lot of money just got together for a giant drone show. It's actually the world's largest. And here are its wares. » 8/16/13 8:26am 8/16/13 8:26am

The X-47B Doesn't Need A Pilot to Land on an Aircraft Carrier

As the role UAVs in the US military expands, the demands placed on these unmanned platforms grow as well. One of the most important new abilities these autonomous fliers must have is the ability to land atop a thin strip of tarmac rolling on the high seas. And that's just what the new Northrop Grumman X-47B will do. » 8/08/12 11:30am 8/08/12 11:30am

Drone Helicopter Gets Deadlier with "Precision Kill" Weapons Upgrade

The MQ-8 Fire Scout, an unmanned helicopter used for reconnaissance work by all branches of the US military, made news this week when the Navy grounded its Fire Scout aircraft after a pair of recent crashes. The current machines are unarmed, but by 2013, a planned weapons upgrade will make them first sea-based, armed… » 4/13/12 11:30am 4/13/12 11:30am

Northrop Grumman Death Star Lasers Are Weapons-Grade, Could Be Out in…

Wired's Danger Room blog is spot on in comparing Northrop Grumman's upcoming solid state laser system » 9/02/08 8:40pm 9/02/08 8:40pm to the Death Star. Promised to arrive before the end of 2008, and far earlier than , it's supposed to have 100 kilowatts of power (SERIOUS pew pew action) and make use of multiple, less powerful lasers to form one…

New Secret X-Bomber Is Not So Secret Anymore

Northrop Grumman is working on a new classified bomber prototype for the Air Force, at an estimated cost—according to their financial statements—of $2 billion. Apparently, the first version will require human/clone/Cylon pilots, with a high-endurance unmanned model possibly following after that. According to military… » 5/28/08 7:40am 5/28/08 7:40am

Northrop Grumman's TouchTable Great For War-Planning Parties

If you're looking for something more in your touchscreen table computer than theMicrosoft Surface or Rosie, Northrop Grumman is showing off the TouchTable next week at a conference in London. The device, something that has been used in the defense sector for several years now, is what they call an "integrated… » 9/06/07 9:01pm 9/06/07 9:01pm