Scientists Are Making Oysters Safe to Eat With Electron Beams

You know what's a turn on? Oysters. You know what's a turn off? Vomit. Oysters might be a delicious aphrodisiac, but they have a tendency to be pretty unsanitary and they can make you sick. But researchers at Texas A&M University have found a way pasteurize the bivalves using electron beams, getting rid of some of… »5/01/13 5:20pm5/01/13 5:20pm

What Would Happen If Every Single Person in the World Pointed a Laser Pointer at the Moon?

XKCD's hilarious 'What if?' series answers another farfetched question as only they can. The question: If every person on Earth aimed a laser pointer at the Moon at the same time, would it change color? The simple answer: not if it's a regular laser. But if the lasers were stronger... we might just die. »10/03/12 11:00pm10/03/12 11:00pm