What Makes an Image Go Viral? Could Be as Simple as Color 

Never before in human history has it been so easy to share, like, pin, reblog, images. That's, like, totally awesome for teenage girls showing off their prom dresses but also a pretty huge boon for scientists studying what makes images shareable. And it could be something as simple as color. » 2/25/15 9:20am 2/25/15 9:20am

The Solution to Awful iOS App Store Navigation is... Pinterest?

There are more than 1.4 million apps available on iOS and finding them can be an absolute nightmare. Now, Apple and Pinterest have announced a new collaboration which will allow users to pin and download apps directly to and from Pinterest boards. » 2/12/15 4:15am 2/12/15 4:15am

Experimenting with the Pinterest Share Button

As part of our Thanksgiving hack week, one of our engineers, Ashton Galloway, experimented with adding a Pinterest share button to Kinja. » 1/14/15 12:48pm 1/14/15 12:48pm

Pinteresters Can Finally Talk to Each Other

Pinterest is fun for planning and daydreaming about all kinds of things, but it can turn into a compulsive solo habit. Now, though, Pinterest users can finally actually talk to each other. » 8/07/14 4:20am 8/07/14 4:20am

Apocalypse Preppers Are Using Pinterest to Plan for the End of the World

Pinterest is a great place to plan for a fun birthday, a zesty cocktail party, a beautiful wedding, or… the apocalypse. No seriously, there's a whole subculture of so-called "Preppers" who maintain pinboards devoted to getting ready for the end of the world. It's more cheerful than it sounds. » 5/15/14 10:44am 5/15/14 10:44am

Pinterest: Great for Weddings, Recipes, Restraining Order Violations

Last week, a woman was set to stand trial for violating a restraining order taken out by her estranged daughter. The violation? Following her daughter's Pinterest page. » 2/18/14 3:40pm 2/18/14 3:40pm

Pinterest finally supports GIFs, the internet's version of artsy hand-crafted flipbooks. Starting today, GIFs will play on Pinterest's web pages, with mobile support coming soon. [Pinterest via Mashable] » 1/23/14 2:02pm 1/23/14 2:02pm

Presenting the Scientifically Perfect Pinterest Picture

Cool cucumber, weathered wood, crocheted doily—apparently these are the makings of the perfect Pinterest picture, according to a year's worth of research provided to Wired by data-crunching startup Curalate. » 6/05/13 12:17pm 6/05/13 12:17pm

Pinterest Embraces Its Porn Problem, Artistically

A little over a year ago, everybody started freaking out about Pinterest's new porn problem. "Officially, there is no porn on Pinterest," Business Insider's Jim Edwards declared at the time. "But there is porn on Pinterest, and it appears to be a growing problem." Oh noes! There's porn on the Internet?! » 5/30/13 3:22pm 5/30/13 3:22pm

"Twitter" Has Changed a Lot Since the 1700s

Nowadays, we use words like "twitter" all the time to talk about our everyday social meda-ing. In the 1800s, they said "twitter" too, but it meant something a little different. So did "pin." The times, they have a-changed. » 2/18/13 4:20pm 2/18/13 4:20pm

Sammy Sosa's Pinterest Page Is Just Photos of Sammy Sosa Posing Over…

Remember Sammy Sosa, the guy who was hitting all those home runs? He's back—in Pinterest form. This page will be the most bizarre and perhaps mentally ill thing you see on the Internet this week. » 1/10/13 3:40pm 1/10/13 3:40pm

These Sites Violate Your Privacy

The Wall Street Journal has analyzed the top 50 sites in the United States plus 20 other top sites in sensitive categories like dating or health. They found that 25 of these sites—including OKCupid, Pinterest, YouTube, Yahoo—send personal data to other sites in the open, with no security encoding, using your own… » 1/03/13 3:45pm 1/03/13 3:45pm

Facebook's Gross Pinterest-Like Feature Is Here to Take Your Dollars

Facebook is testing its own version of Pinterest. It's called "Facebook Collections." It adds clickable buttons to posts about products from retailers, which then adds it to a personalized page that reminds you to buy it later. Ugh. » 10/08/12 4:32pm 10/08/12 4:32pm