Allergies Could Have Evolved to Protect Us

Summer's virtually here, which means soon many of us will be incapacitated through sneezes, coughs, and itchy eyes. While allergies are a pain in the ass, they may not be the misguided immune responses many scientists have believed them to be. In fact, a new theory is emerging which suggests that they may have evolved » 6/20/12 9:20am 6/20/12 9:20am

Gun Cartridges Coated in Pollen-based Nanotags Could Help ID Criminals

A superteam of British scientists and researchers are working on a nanotechnology that, when applied to gun cartridges, act as microscopic tags that place themselves on and around everything they come in contact with, such as criminals. The bullet tags are part natural pollen, part nanoparticles that are extremely… » 8/04/08 7:10pm 8/04/08 7:10pm

Robots Sniff Out Pollens So Japanese Don't Have To

Worried about springtime pollen levels, Weathernews, Inc. of Tokyo is sending out an army of robot noses to monitor allergens. Two hundred 12-inch spherical robots are being strung up across Japan, each with monitoring gear that tests levels of airborne cedar and cypress pollen. Every bot hangs outside a volunteer's… » 1/29/08 11:01am 1/29/08 11:01am