Wristwatch With Tiny R/C R2-D2 May Be Best Office Distraction Toy Ever

This toy wristwatch is Star Warsishly perfect: it's a digital blue and white Artoo-themed digital watch with a mini detachable infra-red remote control » 9/23/08 9:30am 9/23/08 9:30am R2-D2. I'd be sending this trundling down the desks in my office to put a smile on my colleagues faces in a pew-pewing instant! (Well, I would if I worked in an…

R2-D2 Cake Brings Balance to the Force, Dorkiness to Wedding

Perhaps knowing that a Death Star wedding cake was starting marriage asking for trouble, reader and chef Charlene made an R2-D2 one, bringing balance back to the Force, and restoring dorkiness throughout the Galaxy. There have been others, but her nine-layer version of everyone's favorite astromech is far more… » 5/12/08 8:00am 5/12/08 8:00am

Revolution Synthesizer R2 Looks Like Death Star Control Panel, Not R2

Future Retro's Revolution Synthesizer R2 looks amazing; we completely have no use for a synthesizer, but we totally want one. With a complete aluminum construction, perfectly contrasting gun gray and white colors, as well as a smattering of blue LEDs all over, this synthesizer makes us moist in the most clichéd way… » 2/24/08 11:38am 2/24/08 11:38am