Tiny Transforming Manhattan Apartment Would Make Optimus Prime Proud

In 2005, grade school teacher Eric Schneider paid $235,000 for a 450 square foot studio apartment that originally looked like it had barely enough room for even a bed. So he handed it over to architects Michael Chen and Kari Anderson who revamped the kitchen, and designed a central transforming cabinet that now… »11/12/11 10:00am11/12/11 10:00am

Surprise: RealNetworks Banned from Selling RealDVD Copying Software

After being oh-so-predictably sued by six movie studios »10/06/08 10:30am10/06/08 10:30am, RealNetworks is now just as predictably banned by a judge from selling its weirdly anachronistic DVD-ripping RealDVD program. At least until Tuesday, so the judge can review the filings to determine just how boneheaded it is. In a small victory for Real, they…

RealNetworks Sued for DVD Copying Software That Nobody Wanted Anyway

Almost reflexively, six studios have filed suit against RealNetworks for their brand-new DVD copying software. RealDVD, as it is (was?) called, was tepidly received »10/01/08 6:15am10/01/08 6:15am on account of crippling DRM which only allows for viewing of a ripped DVD on one PC, precluding the portability that might account for someone wanting to…

Rhapsody Opens DRM-Free Music Store, First 100,000 Albums Free

Rhapsody, known for its subscription music service, just opened a DRM-free MP3 store. The MP3s are encoded in 256kpbs CBR, and run $.99 per track and $9.99 per album. Shoppers can preview 25 full-length tracks a month from the standard 5 million song catalog, which is extra sweet if you ask us. To kick things off, the… »6/30/08 12:01am6/30/08 12:01am