The Scientist for iOS: Top-Ranked Science News Straight to Your Phone

With the number of newsreaders littering the mobile sphere, it's almsot surprising that there aren't more niche-specific versions popping up amidst their more general brethren. But that's exactly what The Scientist is—a no-nonsense, crowdsourced newsreader to keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest in the… » 8/07/13 6:00pm 8/07/13 6:00pm

Even Google Reader Replacements Are Shutting Down

When Google Reader finally closed its doors, it shoved thousands of teary-eyed RSS fans into cyberspace, adrift, where we flailed around desperately for a suitable replacement. Many services rose to the challenge, but the incoming wave was a lot to handle. Too much for one of our favorite alternatives—The Old… » 7/29/13 4:50pm 7/29/13 4:50pm

What's Your Final Score in Google Reader?

Google Reader's not quite dead yet, so as you're wiping away your tears, there are just a couple bits of business to take care of. You've got to export those feeds before it's too late. But did you know that Google's also been keeping track of all your Reader stats, including total items read? Of course they have been, … » 7/01/13 12:52pm 7/01/13 12:52pm

Saying Goodbye to Google Reader, My Own Little Corner of the Internet

RSS isn't rocket science. And while Google Reader is gasping its last breaths—after this weekend, it's gone forever—there's already a veritable army of newcomers vying to replace it. There's even a good chance one of them will be better than the dead-end Google Reader ever could have been. That's great and all, but… » 7/01/13 11:04am 7/01/13 11:04am

10 Google Reader Alternatives That Will Ease Your RSS Pain

Google Reader is on its deathbed, slated to meet its end on July 1st. Its demise has been looming in the distance for a while, so this should come as no surprise. And while this is certainly a time of mourning, there's the unseemly business of finding a replacement. Here's a list of platform agnostic alternatives that… » 7/01/13 9:08am 7/01/13 9:08am

You Can Use Digg Reader Now

Just in time! On the weekend before Google Reader is set to mercilessly kill itself off, Digg Reader has opened its arms to everyone. After being in beta, Digg Reader is ready for public release. It's a simple process. Just head here. Link up your Google account and Digg Reader will show everything you had in Google… » 6/28/13 11:40pm 6/28/13 11:40pm

Digg Reader Hands-On: Your Google Reader Life Raft Is Here

Here's the good news: Digg Reader is a real thing in the world that exists, and at the very latest, you'll have access to it by next Wednesday, June 26th. I just landed at an early invite page for the service, and with a click, imported my 500 or so feeds from Google Reader in seconds. Hey, it works. » 6/21/13 12:13pm 6/21/13 12:13pm

It's Now Super Easy to Jump from Google Reader to the Best Alternative

With Google Reader about to meet its maker, everyone's looking for a good alternative. Well, Feedly just rolled out an entirely cloud-based version of its reader, which makes it easier than ever to jump the Google ship—and it seems well worth checking out. » 6/19/13 11:01am 6/19/13 11:01am

Turns Out Google's Reader Replacement Is Pretty Much Useless

When Google announced back in March that it would be killing off Reader on July 1st, a lot of people freaked out. At the time Google cited a decline in usage for its demise beyond a general narrowing of focus on core products. Today, though, Google has clarified to Wired why it killed Reader, and what will fill the… » 6/06/13 10:20am 6/06/13 10:20am

Replace Google Reader With a Star Wars RSS Crawl

Still on the hunt for an alternative to Google's soon-to-be-dead Reader? Head on over to StaRSS which displays any feed as if it were the epic opening crawl of a Star Wars film. It's not as functional as Google Reader, and it will most definitely get tiresome quickly, but it includes John Williams' iconic Star Wars » 4/17/13 8:42am 4/17/13 8:42am

Feedly Reborn: The Best Google Reader Replacement Just Got Better

With the impending death of Google Reader, RSS fiends are scrambling to find a replacement platform. And options abound. Feedly knows this, and it wants to make your transition to the other side as painless as possible. Meet the revamped Feedly mobile app. » 4/01/13 1:12pm 4/01/13 1:12pm