Facebook's iOS App Now Makes 30-Second Previews of Your Favorite Songs

If you wanted to communicate just how “raw and emotional” that new cover of a cover of a cover of a Taylor Swift song is, Facebook probably wasn’t the website of choice. But now you can share 30-second clips on iPhone from Apple Music or Spotify for whenever you listen a song that is just absolute fire. »11/05/15 5:40pm11/05/15 5:40pm

Filter Your Spotify Playlists for Easier Music Management

Playlists are at the core of the Spotify experience, but it’s all too easy to end up with an abundance of overlong ones—after all, once you start compiling the very best disco tracks from Spotify’s 30m+ track library it’s difficult to stop. Fortunately, the desktop apps include a simple playlist filtering option,… »10/16/15 10:45am10/16/15 10:45am

Spotify Clarifies Exactly How it Will Use Your Information After Privacy Kerfuffle

Everybody (including this blog) freaked out a little bit yesterday when Spotify released a new privacy policy that asked permission to do everything from track your location to look at your photos. But Spotify is sorry. The company’s CEO just clarified that Spotify doesn’t want to spy on you. »8/21/15 10:35am8/21/15 10:35am

These Are the Songs That Define Your City, According to Spotify

Like every popular online service out there—from OkCupid to PornHub—Spotify keeps tabs on its users, and especially their listening trends. The popular streaming site’s already demonstrated its anthropological power to learn about people through music, and now it’s expanding that power to a global scale. »7/13/15 3:25pm7/13/15 3:25pm