Spotify Clarifies Exactly How it Will Use Your Information After Privacy Kerfuffle

Everybody (including this blog) freaked out a little bit yesterday when Spotify released a new privacy policy that asked permission to do everything from track your location to look at your photos. But Spotify is sorry. The company’s CEO just clarified that Spotify doesn’t want to spy on you. »8/21/15 10:35am8/21/15 10:35am

These Are the Songs That Define Your City, According to Spotify

Like every popular online service out there—from OkCupid to PornHub—Spotify keeps tabs on its users, and especially their listening trends. The popular streaming site’s already demonstrated its anthropological power to learn about people through music, and now it’s expanding that power to a global scale. »7/13/15 3:25pm7/13/15 3:25pm

One Pissed-Off Artist Made an App to Scam Spotify's Royalty Payments

For as much love as Spotify gets from customers, it draws equal hatred from musicians, who are consistently unhappy with the tiny amount of revenue generated by streaming music. But as the Silicon Valley proverb goes: if you don’t like it, just code an automated app to optimize the problem away (and get paid in the… »6/25/15 10:30am6/25/15 10:30am

1989 Won't Be On Apple Music, And That's Bad News For Apple

Joke about TaySway and her army of loyal Tumblr tweens all you want (go on, I dare you), but Swift is an undeniable powerhouse in pop music. Eight months after the launch of 1989, it’s still the fourth-best selling album in the country. And that makes it doubly bad for Apple that she’s just stuck up two middle fingers… »6/18/15 10:30pm6/18/15 10:30pm

Spotify’s “Rewind” Feature Discovers the Heritage of Your Favorite Music

Music, like any other artistic endeavor, is endless progression. Artists influence artists who then write new tunes tempered by their culture. It’s in this steady march of evolution that we can lose sight of the bands that got us to this musical modern day—that’s where Spotify’s “Taste Rewind” comes in. »6/15/15 10:55am6/15/15 10:55am