Explore the Star-Crossesd Spotify Users Listening to Songs In Sync

You might think yourself a unique soul, but thrown into a data pool of the tens of millions of users of an online service, your behavior is going to sync up with somebody else's at least some of the time. (Sorry, Quixote!) On Spotify, this means you're going to be listening to songs in sync with someone else. » 8/21/14 9:00am 8/21/14 9:00am

Spotify Just Added a Surprisingly Exciting Equalizer to Its iOS App

Remember equalizers? You know, the little dials that used to keep your tiny boombox speakers from tweaking out at high volume but have sort of disappeared in the world of digital music. Well, they're making a comeback in the latest update to Spotify's iOS app, and I'm unduly excited about it. » 7/29/14 10:15am 7/29/14 10:15am

Report: Amazon's Streaming Music Service Will Only Have Older Tunes

Buzzfeed reports that the rumored Amazon Prime streaming music service will launch this June or July, and that will only contain songs that have been out for six months or longer. That way it'll be an added service for its own customers without providing a comparable alternative to services like Beats Music and… » 5/29/14 4:36pm 5/29/14 4:36pm

Why the Future of Music Is All Bundled Up With Other Services

Today, Sprint launched a partnership with Spotify, which offers special deals on the premium version of the music service to Sprint subscribers. That's great because it'll gets you a marginally lower price for a great music service—but it's also the beginning of what could one day make streaming music services… » 4/29/14 4:48pm 4/29/14 4:48pm

Spotify's Deep Black Redesign Makes Your Favorite Music Pop

Today, Spotify starts rolling out a new darker redesign. It's the biggest stylistic change we've seen since the service launched its web-based player in late 2012. The new look ditches the old app's overcast grays for a sleek facade that's blacker than hell—and it's so much more beautiful and useful for it. » 4/02/14 3:00am 4/02/14 3:00am

Explore Spotify's Millions of Unplayed Songs with Forgotify

Four million songs on Spotify—a whopping twenty percent of the site's tracks—have never been streamed. That is a ton of lonely tunes, but thanks to Forgotify they're going to start getting some listening love; the service queues up stuff that's never gotten a spin—the non-Biebers, the un-Mileys, the bizarro-Beys—and… » 1/30/14 1:20pm 1/30/14 1:20pm