Mean Tweeters Have Forced Incoherent Senator Chuck Grassley To Make His Tweets Boring and/or Sane

You may have noticed a certain indescribable gaping hole on Twitter over the past few months, and you're not alone. BuzzFeed hunted down the root of the problem to Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley's uncharacteristically coherent, and no longer seemingly-fever-dream-induced recent tweets. »3/05/13 4:33pm3/05/13 4:33pm


YOTO T I-PEN Spy Camera Has Built-In Memory For Convenient Office Stakeouts

Pen spy cameras usually work wirelessly in conjunction with a base, beaming images surreptitiously onto a recording device or a monitor so you can enjoy them from afar. This YOTO pen, however, has the storage built in, meaning you'll have to wait until later to watch those 15FPS 352x288 videos or look at those 640x480… »4/23/08 1:15pm4/23/08 1:15pm

I Bring Little Boy Out of a Coma With Nothing But My Presence

Mr. T doesn't need no science or no brain pressure reliever. Mr. T can bring children out of comas by just going to their rooms. See exhibit T, a boy who was unlucky enough to fall into a coma some time in the mid-1980s. All I had to do is go to his hotel room, say some words, close the curtains, and by the time I was… »4/01/08 3:00am4/01/08 3:00am