Everything the Discovery Can Tell Us About the New Star Trek Show

CBS merely announced the name of the upcoming Star Trek TV series, and gave us the briefest glimpse of its titular ship, the Discovery. What could it possibly reveal about the show? Well, if you’re a Star Trek nerd like we are, it can tell you a lot—including when in the timeline the series might take place.


Ash vs Evil Dead's Second Season Wastes No Time in Unleashing Blood and Monsters

The cast and crew of Ash vs Evil Dead did a great job talking up season two at the show’s Comic-Con panel and press room. But the ultimate proof that the show’s return is cause for celebration came with a preview screening of the first episode, which won’t air on Starz until Halloween. It’s fantastic.

Counterpoint: Powerless Has Laughs and Some Serious Comic Knowledge, Too

I was skeptical about Powerless when I first heard about it, not the least of which because it sounded like a rip-off of Damage Control, created by the late, beloved Dwayne McDuffie. Plus, Katharine didn’t much seem to care for the pilot. But after watching the first episode of the upcoming NBC series myself, I was…

Fear the Walking Dead Heads South of the Border in a Giant Season Two Trailer

Full disclosure: As io9's recapper of The Walking Dead, I don’t watch its sister series Fear, so I don’t continually compare the two. So I don’t know much about what’s happening in this trailer, although I can say that missing loved ones, limited supplies, and roving, lawless, armed gangs is pretty much par for the…


The Supernatural TV Series May Be the Only Thing Preventing Our Nation From Tearing Itself Apart

While Republicans and Democrats see eye to eye on very little, apparently there is one thing they both can agree on: Supernatural is a damn fine TV series. A new study reveals that the absurdly long-running show is in the three most loved TV programs of both parties, which is pretty much blowing my mind.

The 12 Most Ridiculous Episodes From the '70s Wonder Woman TV Series

When Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman appeared on TV from 1975-1979, her hair was perfect, her superpowers always prevailed, and her sense of justice never wavered. Every episode followed basically the same outline—stop some would-be villain’s nefarious plot—but the specifics of government agent Diana Prince’s cases were…

Who Is Grand Admiral Thrawn and Why Is His Appearance in Star Wars Rebels So Exciting?

You may have heard that a character called Grand Admiral Thrawn is going to be appearing in Star Wars Rebels. His appearance in the trailer shown at Star Wars Celebration Europe caused a giant reaction, but if you’re not a Star Wars obsessive, that may have seemed confusing. Here’s a little explanation why fans are…

Superfan George R.R. Martin Thinks 'Outlander Was Robbed' of Emmy Noms

There are more than a few Game of Thrones fans who wish that George R.R. Martin would lock himself in a room and finish the damn Winds of Winter already, especially now that the TV show has overtaken the events of the books. And now we have yet another distraction to blame for this delay: Outlander. He’s a huge fan.