Android Smartphones Can Finally Get Predator Vision Too

Earlier in the year, FLIR got us all hot and bothered by revealing a thermal vision smartphone case that could actually see our excitement. Unfortunately it's only for iPhone users, and won't be available until the early summer. But Android fans will have the last laugh with their own thermal imaging add-on—the » 3/24/14 5:40pm 3/24/14 5:40pm

FLIR Just Turned Your iPhone 5 Into a Predator-Like Thermal Camera

When you're digging for CES gold, you can usually ignore about 99.99 percent of the iPhone accessories announced at the show. But in that last 0.01 percent is where you can find some real treasures. This year FLIR has managed to shrink the same thermal imaging technology it sells to law enforcement and the military so… » 1/07/14 4:01pm 1/07/14 4:01pm

New York's First Passive House Would Have No Problem Hiding From the…

Earlier today we talked about the Living Building Challenge, a certification system that rates the sustainability of a building over the course of a year. Here's a follow-up about 23 Park Place, a Park Slope townhouse designed by Fabrica718 that's probably the most energy efficient home in the city, thanks to its » 4/22/13 6:44pm 4/22/13 6:44pm