The Super Speed Floatplane zips along on the water, then you pull back on the radio-controlled elevator and up it goes, even flying straight up if you dare. Its makers say it can also drag along on dry land, able to negotiate surfaces such as grass, concrete or asphalt, and it does all this using battery power. It's said to run 30 minutes on a three-hour charge, using a brushless electric motor and a lithium polymer battery.

It has a four-channel radio control receiver that's available in either left- or right-handed configurations, and the company says this "RC Hydrofoam FlyingBoat" is 100% ready to run right out of the box. Check out the video for some remarkable aerobatics showing that either this R/C boat/plane is extremely maneuverable and easy to fly, or those who were flying it for the demo were exceedingly well-rehearsed. It's probably a combination of the two. Yours for $230 including shipping.


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