You're stuck at a stoplight in the middle of the night. No one is around for miles. But...can you run it? What if there's one of those cameras that will snag your plate? You need a Red Light Camera Detector!

(Or you don't.)

Because while the GPS detector, complete with 1.6-inch OLED screen, provides you with a constant look-out for one of 6000 stoplight and speed trap cameras, the privilege also costs $20 a year for the data subscription (after a free year) on top of the $200 you'll for this device in the first place.


Plus, even though the system is technically using GPS, it doesn't look like the detector doubles up as a turn-by-turn navigator.

You know a cheaper solution? Restraint. You aren't Jack Bauer; you're just a few minutes late to pick up eggs at the grocery store. It'll be OK. [Hammacher Schlemmer via navigadget]