This is a Real Girlfriend. She's supposed to be attractive, sexy even. But running on a PC that can't handle the rendering, things go a bit Terminator 2. Other great gaming stories from this week:

Real Girlfriend Gallery of Horrors
Serves those pervs right.

What's In The Star Trek Online Collector's Edition?
If there's no Picard Maneuver, count me out.

Star Trek Online "Belly Of The Beast" Trailer Contains No Bellies Or Beasts
Still good though!

Star in Your Own N64 Freakout Kid Video
Just when we thought the N64 kid was done, he pulls us back in.

Mass Effect 2 Expands To 2 Discs, Sometimes 3
Cannot wait.

Mass Effect 2's New Blue Girl Kicks Ass
Cannot wait.

Split/Second Trailer Is About The Only Thing Not Exploding
It's like Burnout crossed with 2012.

Scandal or No, EA Sports Stands by Its Man
EA does not care who Tiger Woods sleeps with as long as he's in bed with EA.

DSi XL Makes Jubblie Bouncing Extra Large [Slightly NSFW]
It was bound to happen.