A Plastic iPhone Called The 5C May Really Be On Its Way

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This image from Chinese blog WeiPhone looks like a bunch of Apple packaging in a bin. But folks it's so much more! Oh, no, actually that's exactly what it is. No one has been able to legitimize the photo yet, and it could just show some knockoff packaging, but the nomenclature makes sense at least. If the aluminum body upgrade that seems probable for September/October is called the 5S, a cheaper plastic model (also heavily rumored) could be called the 5C where C stands for "color". . . or something.


WeiPhone doesn't really have a track record for directly reporting rumors, but 9to5Mac points out that the plastic packaging does look similar to the plastic trays in the current iPod Touch boxes. The hamster wheel that is iPhone rumors spins on. [MacRumors, 9to5Mac]



So here's my honest question, apologies if it is trollish in any way:

Who is the target market for this? I mean, I always though Apple devotees tended to be all about the gorgeous physical hardware. The software seems completely secondary.

Practically speaking, iOS has fallen so far behind Android in terms of functionality and look and feel that I can't understand why anyone would it on a device that wasn't as gorgeous as the premium handset is.

I mean, I'd love to carry the iPhone hardware if it wasn't running iOS. HTC One is the first thing to come remotely close to that level of quality on Android.

But I guess there really are people out there who genuinely prefer iOS, regardless of the quality of the device it is running on?