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A Twelve-Track Sequencer That Plays Analogue Music Boxes

It's hard to get excited over something as antiquated as a music box when the phone in your pocket can play back a symphony. But there's still something oddly appealing about this twelve-track sequencer that skips the digital samples for a row of random music boxes.

Illustration for article titled A Twelve-Track Sequencer That Plays Analogue Music Boxes

Created by the folks at Quadrature, the 'Twelve', as it's simply known, is more of an artistic experiment than anything, because it's all but impossible to get the music boxes to sync up to produce any kind of decent beat.


But, in the same way DJs will have custom vinyl records created for a performance, there's probably nothing stopping someone from swapping in a bunch of custom music boxes on this sequencer. Except maybe trying to find a place that makes custom music boxes. [Quadrature via Creative Applications Network]

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STILL better than Nickelback.