Apple iPad?

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So hey! Looks like Apple may be coming out with a Tablet PC-alike after all, according to some fine investigative work by The Register. A filing made in May by Apple (but only revealed this week) details plans for a "handheld computer," a (rather uninterestingly-styled) keyboard-less PC that may serve as a front end to iTunes and other iLife apps, as well as serve as a remote to the AirPort Express. eWeek columnist Matthew Rothenberg had reported back in '03 of a tablet from Apple, with handwriting recognition that "resembles a large iPod with an 8-inch diagonal screen ... and runs Mac OS X."

With the new iMac rumored to be an all-in-one device that might supplant the need for a larger, iBook-sized tablet, perhaps a smaller screen is in the works from apple. Either way, hoo boy! Could be a fun product - if one without a chance in hell as becoming as big as the iPod.
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