Facebook's newest app addition is a Shazam-esque feature that can identify any song or TV show within 15 seconds purely by sound.

Now, any time you're watching TV or listening to music and want to share that fact with the world, you can pop open your Facebook app, tell it to listen, and post your ear candy to your Newsfeed. Once there, your friends will be able to click a link that lets them either listen to a clip of the song (on Spotify, Rdio, or Deezer—all of which partnered with Facebook on the feature) or direct themselves over to the show's Facebook page.


And according to Business Insider, Facebook actually took less time to find a match than its main competition, Shazam.

The new product seems to be the most recent in Facebook's long line of attempts to take on Twitter, this time in the media realm. As evidenced by the many calls to withhold spoilers, Twitter is bombarded with conversations during any big TV or music event. It makes sense that Facebook wants in.


To use the feature, you have to actively opt in, which you should be able to do as it rolls out in the coming weeks. [Business Insider]