Fancy New Camera Lets You Unblur Your Pictures

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You know what sucks? Taking a picture and then realizing later that the autofocus screwed you over and delivered a blurry shot. There's really nothing you can do about it at that point, so you're stuck with a fuzzy picture and friends that now know how inept you are with a camera. Here's a camera that can unfuzzy photos after the fact.

Sure, you can run it through some sharpening filters in Photoshop, but that always looks pretty lousy. Luckily, there's a new piece of photographic hardware in the pipeline that'll give you the ability to unblur pictures that you've already taken. Developed by Scientists at Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs, the heterodyne light field camera uses a coded aperture mask to allow you to go back and fiddle with the depth of field in a picture after it's been taken. Have the background in focus instead of the foreground? Change the settings and your picture will look just how you want it to.

The graphic above shows an original blurry shot, one sharpened in Photoshop, and finally one fixed up with the coded aperture mask. It's pretty impressive stuff, but there's no word on how long it'll take for the tech to make it to your next Powershot.


Mitsubishi Electric Develops Camera that Refocuses Photos [Digital Camera Info]

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Gizmodo, you ignorant slut. In November of 1985 I sent you links to a similar camera, which showed more dramatic examples of what can be done with a Plenoptic Camera:…

But did you run with my great lead? No! Instead, you waited 15 months to run something with more boring photos.