Degrees of the Future 2022: Genetics

These are the universities with the best genetics and genomics programs.
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Genetics is the study of inheritance—from someone’s brown eyes to their inability to eat dairy. Taken together with genomics—the study of the entire genome of an organism—researchers get better at understanding overall human health, and how to fight diseases.

Genetics and genomics will pave the way for innovations in health and better understanding of human origins. “There’s just no question that 30 years ago, if you would have told me how far genomics would be in 2022, I would have just said, you’re out of your mind, there’s no way,” said Eric Green, director of the National Human Genome Research Institute at the U.S. National Institutes of Health. “Back then, I have to admit, I think most of us never thought half the things that are happening now would have happened in our lifetime, let alone within our career.” As costs of genetic testing and sequencing go down, the application of genomics across the life sciences will become ubiquitous.

The Degrees of the Future 2022 top Genetics programs are:

Baylor College of Medicine | Houston, Texas
Boston College | Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
Case Western Reserve University | Cleveland, Ohio
Columbia University in the City of New York | New York, New York
Duke University | Durham, North Carolina
Harvard University | Cambridge, Massachusetts
Johns Hopkins University | Baltimore, Maryland
Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Cambridge, Massachusetts
North Carolina State University | Raleigh, North Carolina
Ohio State University | Columbus, Ohio
Rutgers University, New Brunswick | New Brunswick, New Jersey
Stanford University | Stanford, California
Tufts University | Medford, Massachusetts
University of Alabama at Birmingham | Birmingham, Alabama
University of California, Davis | Davis, California
University of California, Irvine | Irvine, California
University of California, Los Angeles | Los Angeles, California
University of Connecticut | Storrs, Connecticut
University of Georgia | Athens, Georgia
University of Michigan | Ann Arbor, Michigan
University of Pennsylvania | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
University of Washington, Seattle | Seattle, Washington
University of Wisconsin-Madison | Madison, Wisconsin
Washington State University | Pullman, Washington
Yale University | New Haven, Connecticut

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