Gizmodo Today: iPod Rumors Rampant, Computers Chic or Cheap, CrackBerry Addicts Breathe Easier

(2/23/06) Today's posts were all over the map, from 150 feet under the ocean where an autonomous spy jet sneaks to the surface, to the pinnacle of the personal music player market where the iPod holds court. Rumors were flying about the mysterious announcement coming up next Tuesday from Apple, where the most likely of educated guesses had the Cupertino company offering downloads of complete major motion pictures. Also fanning the flames of speculation was a picture of an allegedly upcoming video iPod that was all-screen. Meanwhile we heard news of PCs large, small, elegant and cheap, and even one that was good, fast and cheap (pick all three). More cameras peeped out from behind the curtain in advance of the upcoming PMA juggernaut, and NASA revealed a tiny space antenna designed by a hive of Borg-like computers. Through it all, Crackberry addicts breathed easier when the US Patent and Trademark Office rejected one of NTP's patent claims in the lawsuit that might just go on forever.

Low End Theory


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Matrox Extio F1400 Takes Remote Workstations to the Extreme
Shuttle X100 Ultra-Small Media PC
Asus Leather Laptop
Estiluz Tovier Table Lamp: Boxy But Good
Remainders: Gadget Industry News
Lenovo 3000 Series Notebooks
Nokia N91 Music Phone Delayed Due to DRM
Big Brother at the Hospital
Beer Can Lip Covers
Netgear 200Mbps Powerline HD Networking
Stealth Jet to Go from Deep Blue to Wild Blue
Pink Commuter iPod Tie
What Are You Doing, Dave?
Cheap and Cool: Recipe for the Ultimate Budget Box
Logitech NuLOOQ Navigator: Control Pod for Adobe Creative Suite
Space Antenna Design Evolved by Hive of Borg
Ricoh Caplio R4 and RR630 Announced
Nokia 7380 Reviewed (Verdict: Slender)
Mice for Less Than a Jackson
Sony Ericsson s K800?
Study Shows Money Towers HD Options with Cable Service Providers
EA Tries a Shady Marketing Scheme
ATC Mouse - Carpal Tunnel Be Gone
CrackBerry Wins a Round!
Next-Gen Media Screws Early HDTV Owners
Gizmodo Japan: Make Your Own Mario

Rumor and Speculation
Possible iPod Touchscreen Picture?
Rumor: Apple to Offer Downloads of Entire Movies