Gizmodo Today: PMA Wraps, Sanyo HDVcam Craps, Phake Photo Phun Knee-Slaps

As we shrugged off yesterday's over-hyped, lukewarm Apple event, the day started with a lively report from PMA in Orlando, where the annual photo show was wrapping up. Then we heard rumors of Motorola's Q smartphone perhaps not being as close to the Verizon as was once thought, and at the same time, that flash-memory-packing 720p Sanyo HDV camcorder for which we had high hopes was trashed by Akihabara News. On a lighter note, the first results of our Phake Photo Phun contest were rolling in at a fever pitch, with one standout being a wedge-shaped iPod intended for use as a doorstop. We re laughing out loud here, looking forward to even funnier entries from the best readers in the world, coming in before that Monday, March 6th deadline.

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