Gizmodo Today: TVs Everywhere, Samsung Release-Happy, Hybrid Rumor and a Good Samaritan

(2/22/06) It's George Washington's birthday and we cannot tell a lie: TVs were not meant for bathtubs, refrigerators or coffee tables. Today we saw one built into a whirlpool and another wireless and Internet-connected model cobbled into the door of a refrigerator. HP has even built a screen into a coffee table that may just make it to market someday. And then there was Samsung, the company that can't stop releasing stuff, introducing a touchscreen that you're not supposed to touch—it's all done with a battery-operated light pen. Meanwhile, a consortium in Singapore fantasizes about a spaceport, and at the same time rumors fly about a possible Honda Fit Hybrid right here on Earth, saving the planet with the lowest-priced green vehicle yet. Sprinkled throughout were prime examples of Gizmodo sinking its teeth into a few sacred cows, all while ginning up enough light-hearted mirth to soothe even most severe headache. And finally, a good Samaritan emerges from the British Isles, lifting spirits with evidence that some of us aren't so bad after all.

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Rumor: Honda Fit Hybrid?