Degrees of the Future 2022: Health Informatics

These are the universities with the best health informatics programs.
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Health informatics broadly describes the streamlining of patient data processes and the administration of health care; it is an interdisciplinary field that is dedicated to fixing the health data ecosystem, thereby improving care for all patients. Data-driven approaches will overhaul older forms of medical record keeping, to ease the work of medical professionals as well as the patient’s burden of sifting through paperwork and lab results and tracking their own health history.

The Degrees of the Future 2022 top Health Informatics programs are:

Columbia University in the City of New York | New York, New York
Duke University | Durham, North Carolina
Harvard University | Cambridge, Massachusetts
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis | Indianapolis, Indiana
Johns Hopkins University | Baltimore, Maryland
New York University | New York, New York
Oregon Health & Science University | Portland, Oregon
Stanford University | Stanford, California
University of Florida | Gainesville, Florida
University of Miami | Coral Gables, Florida
University of Michigan | Ann Arbor, Michigan
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | Chapel Hill, North Carolina
University of San Diego | San Diego, California
University of South Florida, Tampa | Tampa, Florida
University of Tennessee Health Science Center | Memphis, Tennessee
University of Utah | Salt Lake City, Utah
University of Washington, Seattle | Seattle, Washington
University of Wisconsin-Madison | Madison, Wisconsin
Vanderbilt University | Nashville, Tennessee
Yale University | New Haven, Connecticut

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