This video had everybody at Giz laughing and typing "LOL" into Slack. Littauer wrote me a formal report the next morning, when he was sober. He said the drunk part is a lot easier than the sober evaluation:

Drunk user experience is a lot easier, because I can just speak - normal UX feedback requires much more writing and moderation, which can affect your judgment in different ways. It's nice to be able to just sit back and enjoy the ride. Also, it is far more fun, mostly because I am hanging out with friends and then just leave for a bit and come back to a new beer.

The upshot? A drunk person — and perhaps even a sober one — will love Gizmodo's editing tools. But they might not be able to find those editing tools. And if you are reading Gizmodo with an ad blocker on, you are actually missing a bunch of our non-ad content. You can read the full report below.


Despite the gimmick, I think the drunk user test is actually a good barometer of how usable a site is — not because most users are drunk, but because most of us read websites when we are distracted by a million other things. Our brains are not entirely focused on that one website, and therefore we may not pay enough attention to find navigation buttons that are disguised as weird teeny icons. And we may just lose patience and give up if it's not easy to get access to the fun/interesting/important stuff we want.

I use Gizmodo every day, and the whole site is as familiar to me as my actual real-life desk. So it was a good reality check to see what a typical (drunk) user deals with when they pay a visit to my digital home.


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