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This week on iLounge: It's been a crazy week for iPod speakers. Reviews of Monitor Audio's i-Deck component system and iH30 boom box from clock radio maker iHome topped the site, while new First Looks at speakers from Memorex (iWake clock, iMove boom box), Emerson (iTone audio system) and Logiix (GX4 Pro) captured a lot of our attention. But what really grabbed us was something else.

You've seen them on CD players and just about every other MP3 player out there. Now the iPod has its own wired LCD remote, from Logic3. A little blue screen provides track, artist, volume, and other info whenever you want to hide your iPod away while maintaining control. We've been pairing them with new Sports headphones from Sennheiser and loving the results.

In the news this week, Creative Technology sued Apple for patent infringement, and Apple sued Creative Technology for patent infringement. Yeah, really. Shows from the Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, Discovery Health Channel and Discovery Kids were all added to the iTunes Music Store. An analyst said that a "true" video iPod and possibly other new Apple products will be launched later this year. It was also reported that Apple's music business could more than double the size of the company in the next five years.


In this week's Ask iLounge Q+A column: Organizing song compilations on your iPod, using the iPod Notes feature, transferring photos to an iPod via Apple's iPod Camera Connector, removing extra album art from songs, and date-based iPod smart playlists.