This week at iLounge: When JBL launched its iPod shrine-like On Time speaker dock a few months ago, we loved its looks, but thought it was overpriced and a bit underpowered in the audio department. This week, JBL released Radial, a $300 follow-up to On Time with more audio horsepower and a surprisingly feature-laden RF remote control. Radial looks like a metal-grilled bike tire with an iPod inside — not quite as cool as On Time — but delivers much bassier, louder sound.

In First Looks, we've also checked out some innovative-looking new iPod battery packs from iLuv, featuring integrated silicone and chrome iPod cases, a somewhat weird-looking iPod and PSP wireless audio dock from Friendtech called iDea, and the iPod's first all-liquid screen protector — Liquid Titanium from Power Support. Reviews of two accessories — our first-ever A-rated car cassette adapter, Philips' PH2050W, and Power Support's new see-through mirrored Illusion Cases — are also must-sees.


In iPod and iTunes news this week, it was reported that the iPod factories in China offered less than ideal working conditions, which forced Apple to put out a statement saying that they were now looking into the claims. Apple also began taking pre-orders for the Nike + iPod Sport Kit, and cut iPod nano and iPod Hi-Fi prices in the UK. Plus, an Apple manufacturing partner says the company is coming out with a "none-touch" iPod, National Semiconductor equips 8,500 employees with iPods, and a Wall Street analyst digs into Apple's inevitable cell phone.